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Review- Andalou Beta Hydroxy Recovery Cream

Andalou Natural Beta Hydroxy Recovery Cream

I don’t usually buy beauty or skin care product in jars. According to Beautypedia guru Paula Begoun, jarred product has a large surface of exposure to the air, which makes a product degrade faster. At the same time, each time you dip your finger into the product, you are introducing little bit of microorganisms into the product thus hasten its degradation.

I got this cream because it came in a package with one of the serum I wanted to try. So I am doing a little review.

As mentioned already, this product comes in a jar. I do generally like Andalou Natural’s packaging. They are simplistic with pleasing opaque colours, which hopefully is designed to minimize damage from lights. I know a lot of beauty stores have bright display of their products under rows of illuminating lights. This  can actually change the chemical stability of a cream if the temperature is too high. Anyways, back to this Beta Hydroxy Cream.

The cream is a white-beige colour and the texture is very light. The colour disappears as soon as you apply it on your face and it does help the face stay matte overnight. Because it’s supposed to have salicylic acid in it so it’s supposed to be helpful for acne prone skin. It has a light, lemony smell to it which is not too overpowering.

Does it live up to its claim? It does help the skin stay matte, but as you can see from the photos, I haven’t used a whole jar so I think it’s too early to tell. Regardless, I probably would not buy again because of the jar package. I think it is a pretty good night moisturizer for someone who is prone to oily skin or acne, but I would prefer it if it was in a different package.
Update: Jan 16th 2017

I was at the end of this jar when I felt some solid material. This is what it looks like when I scoop it out.

It looks and feels like some wood material. I am trying to think if I could have possibly introduce it into the jar but cannot imagine where it’d come from. There was only a few cc left so I threw away the remaining. The conversation consistency of the cream does not appear to be affected but nonetheless…




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