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Review- Kiss My Face Sunscreen Cream

I generally avoid the sun, but I do enjoy a beach holiday now and then. I am not a big sunscreen fan as they make me breakout. I prefer sunscreens with physical barrier like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. However, they are very thick and difficult to spread. I find that in general, sunscreen with chemical barriers are easier to spread but I do not like the idea of chemical barrier. My limited understanding is that zinc or titanium barrier act more as a shield that reflect the UV rays away while the chemical barriers absorb the rays.

On a recent tropical trip, I went in search for an all over the body sunscreen and found Kiss My Face. I don’t usually put too much thoughts into which brands to buy. My main criteria are that:

  1. It uses physical barrier
  2. It’s fragrance free
  3. Hopefully it’s effective (thought there is no way one could quantitatively measure that)

On our first day getting ready for the beach, everyone busted out their sunscreen. I must say that I am sometimes ridiculed for my use of “natural” products from health food store. While everyone was slathering on their big name brands with SPF 60, they joked that I was going to get sun burnt because my weird “natural” product with measly SPF 15. I told them that I just needed to apply it more often and it should be okay.

So imagine my gloating when we all came back in the evening and I was the only one not burnt nor tanned. I spent the rest of the holiday happily volunteered, “Let me peel your skin for you!” to their annoyance.

Without further ado

Although it looks very opaque, it’s actually very light in texture and doesn’t cover the skin with white film

It has both titanium dioxide as well as zinc oxide. It is fragrance free and spread on like a lotion. A bonus is that I did not break out as much with this sunscreen.

This is definitely something I will buy again.





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