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Review- The Face Shop Brow Master

The Faceshop Brow Master Pencil

This was one of those impromptu buys. There are more and more Asian beauty shops popping up in the major malls. We are no longer confined to going to Chinatown or the Asian shopping centres for a bit of far east. This was the first product I tried.

First of all, one of the reason I passed The Face Shop by was because the place are always crowded. Their products are easily accessibly on the counter and shelves for people to try on but the shopfront are generally very small. The price tags are very reasonable so perhaps that is their appeal. There is a lot of “Excuse me” “Sorry” “Passing through” going on.

As a rule, I bypass the skin care products under bright illuminating display lights and looked at the little baskets of goodies in the middle of the shop. There were so many selections of eyebrow, eyelashes, eyeshadow and lip colour products. I found the displays a little bit confusing and not immediately obvious the formula of the pencil one is trying on.

I like this brow pencil because I do not need to sharpen it. I can’t believe it takes me this long to get one of these “automatic” brow pencil but I’ve only owned ❤ brow products in my entire life so I am hardly an expert. The colour is actually quite faint. You have to make a lot of tiny strokes to get the depth of colour you want but this is probably a good thing for someone who tends to be heavy- handed. The line goes on very precise, which for me was not very good coz it seemed a bit fake. Luckily it comes with the brow brush which helps to soften the lines a bit.

Overall, I find this brow pencil to be pretty good. It does take some used to to figure out how to get what I want out of it. I probably will not repeat buy again but will definitely look at The Face Shop for other products in the future.
UPDATE: Jan 16th 2017

I am sad to report that while the crayon part of the browser pencil still works, the brush end of the pencil has come apart. The brush is okay but it’s joint to the main body had come undone. It’s still usable but just that I have to put it back all the time.





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