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Review- Aveda Nourish Mint Sheer Mineral Lip Color

Aveda Nourish Mint Sheer Mineral Lip Color #951 sheer primrose

It’s difficult for me to wear lip makeup. My lips dry  easily and wearing any colour just accentuate the fine lines or the little bits of dry skin hanging off of it. I envy girls with beautiful red lips. The last time a friend let me borrow her long wear lip colour, my lips became so dry within a few hours that I had to keep applying lip balms.

I decided to give Aveda’s lip colour a try when I bought the masque. I like this colour because it’s earthy and subtle with a little bit a shimmer. It has a very faint mint smell to it but not too overwhelming.

The colour takes a few application to show and it looks as if I am wearing nothing. I find it more or less even out the colour of my lips more so than providing a coloration to it. It is, very nourishing as its name claims.

It is not long wear so you do have to keep applying it during bathroom trips and watch for lip stain on glasses.

I like this range a lot and perhaps next time I will try a different colour now that I find one that feels good on my lips!



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