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Roasted Beef and Sandwich


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Prep: 30 miin
Cooking: 3 1//2 hrr
Serves: 4

I continue to play with recipes from LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine.


This time I found the original recipe on the website. It’s called Mustard Herb Prime Rib Roast with Red Wine Gravy. What I ended up with was not so fancy. I am in limbo right now- looking for a permanent home while renting. My lazy nature refuses to buy things that need space to collect dust. Therefore I ditched the red wine (so I don’t have to take the bottles to recycling); Dijon mustard (I hardly use this) and flour (I hardly bake). The recipe also calls for prime rib (with bone- in), which was too expensive, so I opted for sirloin.


The Roast

beef sirloin tip, 1 lb (600g)
garlic, 2 cloves, minced
fresh rosemary, 3 sprigs, chopped
fresh mint, 2 sprigs, chopped
salt, 1tsp (5ml)
pepper, 1 tsp (5ml)

The Sauce

peanut oil, 1 tbsp (5ml)
red onion, 1 bulb, finely
water, 1 cup
mushroom stock bouillon cube x 1



1. Preheat oven to 450 F (230C)
2. Place sirloin on a rack in a roasting pan
3. Combine rosemary, mint, salt and pepper in a small bowl
4. rub all over the sirloin
5. Roast for 10 minutes then turn heat down to 275 F (140C)
6. Roast for 3 hour, then remove from oven, cover with foil
7. To make the sauce, scrape off any juice from the roasting pan into a small sauce. Add peanut oil and heat at medium until oil is bubbling. Saute onion in the fat until soft, about 3 minutes. Add water and bouillon cube and bring to a boil. Turn heat down to gently simmer for 10 minutes while stirring occasionally.

The Sandwich

Open face #sandwich #roastbeef #honey #pear

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Actually not a sandwich fan. Eating too much gluten causes my sinuses to plug up. They are however, quite handy for a quick lunch. I opted to make an open faced sandwich. My idea for the toppings came from Hot Italian, a pizza place my cousin took me to in San
Francisco. It was so simple with thin slices of pear and cheese, drizzled with honey, but it was absolutely amazing. Of course I happened to have those ingredients at home. lol.
I placed the roast on the bread first, then put a few slices of pear on top. I could not slice my pear very thin (and accidentally cut my nail in my effort) but oh well… This was layered with thin slices of Vivaldi Taleggio cheese. I spooned some of the onion sauce on top and drizzled with raw honey, bake at 350F until the cheese started to melt.




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