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Review- Chanel CC Cream

Chanel CC Cream

This was bought at spur of the moment. I was in need of something to even out of my skin tone. Initially I was offered the Lancome BB Cream but I found the colour too white and chalky on me. (I was in an Asian mall, go figures that the standard of beauty is to try to be a bit fairer in skin tone) So I asked to try on another brand. The sales lady was very nice. I think they didn’t pull out Chanel as its price point was a bit higher and Lancome was having a promotion with some gift bags that’s why they started with Lancome first. I, however, did not find the products in the gift bag alluring enough to give up the search for one that matches my skin perfectly.

When I tried this one on, it matches my facial skin tone perfectly. It looks natural. I tend to wear it very sheer so my freckles and spots are still visible, but just more evened out.

Chanel always has very elegant and simple packaging, which this one comes in. The tube design means that the product is protected from oxidation and won’t be compromised with fingers double and triple dipping.

The texture is medium, depends on how much you put on. It blends out easily with fingers. However, I find the fragrance overpowering after awhile.

While this colour matches my skin very well, I find that it encourages breakouts for me. I will use it up just for its colour matching value, but not likely to repeat buy.



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