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Review- Lancome Tonique Doucheur Softening Hydrating Toner Alcohol- Free

Lancome Tonique Douceur Toner

This product is a classic to me. Not because I favourite it above other toners, but because of pure nostalgia. You see, it was the first toner I ever used.

My mother doesn’t shop her skin care in drug stores. Perhaps it’s too overwhelming for her with the sheer volumes of products and having to read the tiny prints of English on the jars and bottles herself. Or perhaps she just likes to go for the big brands. She’s always shopped at The Bay, with dedicated salesperson for each brand behind the counters.

As I went through the awkward teenage phase and required more skin care than just water, she bought me the blue-bottled facial cleanser, toner and lotion. I don’t know if it was based on recommendation for a teenage skin from the salesperson, or if it was the cheapest one or they came with promotional gift set (My mom is all about value/dollar!). She bought herself the pink/white bottled Christian Dior.

We have since moved away from having a whole range of skin care from the same company, but she almost always have a bottle of this blue liquid on her counter.

The toner is light with Lancome’s signature rose bouquet. It definitely makes my skin softer but its hydration power is just so so. This is one of those “better than nothing” product that I reach for and it will likely show up time to time in my skin care regime just because…

What’s your first ever skin care product?




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