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Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I was meeting a friend for the Interior Design Show yesterday. After checking my coat, I wandered slowly over to the ticket counter. I must have a lost look on my face, as I often do in unfamiliar places. I like to switch my brain off when I go to a show, preferring not to use any faculty.  As I lined up I had thoughts of hesitation, “Am I in the right place?”

A voice said, “Are you getting a ticket?” I turned around, confused because I wasn’t expecting my friend yet, and saw 2 men standing just outside of the rope. I nodded, “I guess this is the line for the tickets.”- I thought they were asking about where to purchase the ticket.

One of them thrusted something at me. I took it without thinking. “Here. We have an extra ticket.”

My reaction was slow. I looked at the ticket, not quite sure why this was happening. They explained, “One of our group didn’t show.”

The brain switched back on. “Wow thank you. Let me pay you back.” I made to retrieve my wallet, but they waved their hands and left.

To the strangers at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, thank you thank you thank you. I hope you guys enjoy the show as much as I did. Thank you, universe, for arranging life’s little surprises here and there. It was a wonderful gift.




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