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Vivier Seequin 4IDS Liquid Gel Serum- Review

The place I went to for facial recommended this serum to use between treatments.

This serum boasts a high 4% hydroquinone, which helps with pigmentation and age spots. It also has vitamin C in L-asorbic acid, which is supposedly more effective.

The serum has great packaging. It comes in an opaque brown bottle and the label on the bottle pretty much obscure any potential photo- damaging to the serum inside.  The dropper is made of glass. I don’t know if it’s just something they put in to make the product look more prestigious or actually to keep the product stable. I think it’s the latter as the acid in the serum will probably eat away a plastic dropper.


The serum is of a clear, light straw color. It’s very liquid- y with a little bit of stickiness that disappears a few minutes after application. It glides on smoothly with no greasy residual. It has a smell that I can’t quite place. I suppose it smells a bit like vitamin C.


My Experience:

I find that this serum actually helps with oil control, not a benefit that I was looking for but nonetheless great. Does really lighten and makes my spots disappear? I have to say that my spots are still visible. However, there is an overall glow to the complexion after using it and the pigmentation are a bit less visible. I don’t know it is because the pigments are actually disappearing. I find the pigmentation tend to look lighter when the skin is in a healthier condition, i.e. when it’s well hydrated or just after a good night’s sleep. So I supposed in a way, if this serum provides good nutrients and keep the skin in a very healthy state, it can achieve the same. I’ve only used this serum for a few days so it could be too early to tell as well.



When using this serum, you need to make sure you wear sunscreen during the day time as the skin is more sensitized to light. Therefore I will probably not use it during the summer time or during beach holidays. Also, if you were going to do anything rough with your skin like microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, etc, it is recommended that you not to use this serum 1 week before and after the treatments.



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