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Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream- Review

Usually I prefer gel- consistency around my eyes, but I really liked Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Milk that I thought I’d try some of its other products.

This comes in a small toothpaste- like tube. I really like the packaging of the nice pastel rosy colour. It’s a very nice and soothing colour. This is a cream that’s suppose to help with the first sign of lines, so I figure it would not be too heavy.


This cream boasts rosehip oil, eyebright (Euphrasia, which is an herb with anti- inflammatory properties) and sweet almond, it is fragrance free (I can’t smell anything). I looked up Euphrasia, apparently it has been used quite a bit in homeopathic eye drops to treat eye infection but WebMD cautions that it may cause infection if applied directly to the eye. So far I have not experienced any problem and found the cream very soothing. I think perhaps if people used the wrong preparation and smear it into the eye it could potentially cause a problem.

Despite being a cream, it is actually very light and absorb readily. There is no residues and the skin does indeed feel smooth after application. As to whether or not it could really softens the first lines I am not sure since I’ve already got 2nd line and 3rd lines happening before I started this. I think when using skin care products I never look for a miracle but more for something that will enhance and keep my skin healthy and happy. That’s more important. : P



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