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A Year of Blogging # 1-Message in a Bottle

Jordan from Collective Voice (formally State of Liberation, I will put the link up as soon as I can… the site is being re- launched so be patient lol) was always coming up with prompt ideas for us writers. I’ve always intended to follow suit. I am a few weeks behind but it is still great exercise to get some ideas for blogging/writing. The first prompt of the year is


While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

What would you want to put in the bottle and who do you want to read it?

In his post, Jordan wrote to his younger self. I sat here and thought who I’d write to. Do I have some words I need to tell someone? Message in a bottle is almost like a message to the universe. If I write it down, was I ready to send it out? There were a few relationships where I felt the stories could have been more complete if I had been able to find the words. However, if I opened that dialogue, the story would never end because they’d have to respond, and I don’t necessary want the stories to continue. So I think I’d just leave them as messy cliff- hangers. Not everything has to be tidy does it?

So who would I write to? Would I write to my younger self? It seems like a good idea, but somehow I felt that my younger self should figure things out on her own. She had to stumble to get to where I am. My younger self already existed, I had already seen her stories and she is already part of me. So I thought perhaps I’d write to the future me… Here it goes…


The Message

Hey. How are you? Have you achieved everything we’ve set out to do? I want to let you know that I am doing as much as I can to become you.

What are you like? Are you as wise as I’d want you to be? Have you continue to build our dreams?¬†Does this blog still exist or are you still a big procrastinator?

The year is 2017. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world. On one hand we are seeing so many innovative ideas coming forth that’s supposed to make the human lives easier. There’s talk of building a solar city, the sharing and gig economy gives people more options for traveling and picking up extra cash. Driver-less cars promise to make us more productive. Or could it be another invention to chain us to our work like cellphones and emails do?

The pendulum is swinging wildly. On the other hand, there are people who are set on centralized power as more people demand basic choices of freedom. The internet has educated and misled the mass. Virtual reality seems to be inevitable.

I hope you keep on dancing, no matter how stiff our body become. Do we age well? Or has science invented something to freeze time? What about our SO? Did we pick a winner?

Are you still working at the same job? Or have we finally quit the rat race to travel the world? I would hope so but then it’d mean that the dog and cat are no longer in the picture. Please invent something to make them immortal too, because I cannot imagine life without those annoying furry beasts. Or perhaps quarantine law would have changed so much that it’d be very easy to travel oversea with the 90lb polar bear and 10 lb tiger-wanna-be.

Have you learn to forgive yourself for all your mistakes? Are you still grateful for everything you have? Do you miss me and my naivety? Are we stronger and kinder? Or has life made us cynical and lose our empathy?

And why do I feel like crying when I am writing this letter? Why do I get goosebumps as I am reaching across the time barrier to reach you? Is it because ultimately you are the only person who truly understands me, as we are one separated by time, never to meet, but only an echo to each other?

I am like the pesky little kid with 101 questions. Will you be able to answer all of them? Do I necessarily need to know all the answers? Are you going to just nod your head and act all sage and say, “In time, you will see…”?

Just at least tell me we’ve somehow managed to play an alien on Star Trek or X-Men.


Yours… from the past



What would your message in a bottle say? If you own a blog, post your response and link me back. If not, feel free to share in the comments below, or you could email me to have it posted.







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