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Parking with Doctor- Willowdal Park

I have this unofficial goal in my head- I would like to take Doctor to visit a different park each time we go out and document it. Something to break out of the monotony of regular sidewalks.

In my head, this is something best done in summer time, when my fingers are not hiding inside the gloves so I can take pictures or videos of his beautiful self.

Through various twist and turn of fate, we had our first park visit at Willowdale Park recently. Granted, the winter was shaping up to be a warm one so when we made our doggie play date with the petite blond Labrador we had no idea it was gonna get so cold on that day.

The weather forecast said light snow and the 7°C warm spell we have had was plunging to below zero. Who am I to complain, living so far north of the equator with a polar bear?

I contemplated canceling, but it was to be their first date. I wanted Doctor to leave a good impression. Setting the alarm for 8am, I grudgingly got us ready and strapped him down with the harness and seat belt.

The streets were deserted on the Sunday morning. It was very easy to park across the street. No restriction  on weekends.

The park itself is small. It’s not a leash free park and there is no fence around the area. It’s a tiny piece of greenery with a gazebo and a frozen stream. Walking around the park, we noticed many mounds that were not picked up. This was an unfortunate finding.  They were a few humans around but they seemed to tolerate the canine presence.

Blondie brought another girlfriend, a younger, shorter, energetic brunette who circled all of us until the leashes were tangled. Seeing as there were not many ppl around, we decided to let the beasts loose for a little while.

Doctor, being the typical man (despite balls missing in action), went for the younger girl and leaving Blondie behind. The white and brown fur streaked across the park, soft grunt here and there, jumping over each other with joy. Luckily Blondie prefers the company of human. She looked at Doctor as if he was an unruly boy and turned to us, as if to say, “You try to set me up with him? I need a real man.”

Between chattering teeth, my human equivalent told me she was also contemplating on changing the plans. “Maybe we should have left the dogs at home and went for coffee ourselves.” I wholeheartedly agreed. Watching the dogs happily frolicking while we kept running in place to keep warm had reached its motherly limit. We called the 2 back and made plans to have a human- only activity next time. The doggies can come next time when the weather is warmer, but I am not sure we’d pick this park again.



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