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The Bromance of Chubby and Doctor

I adopted Chubby first. At 16 years old with established habits, he was a surprisingly easy cat to care for. He submitted to the twice daily insulin injections and skin pricks for blood glucose reading. I quickly found out that he was very trusting and would allow us to do almost anything to him, such as holding him up high and pretending to drop him. Daily, he lets me rub his belly. Not many cats will tolerate this type of indignity.

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2 months after he came home, we decided to add a dog to the family. Doctor is a very mellow dog. At the animal shelter, he walked up to us and immediately flopped down to show his belly. He uses this strategy whenever he does something wrong or to get out of training.

Since both pets are so mellow, we thought there would be no problem of them getting along. Chubby stayed in the vet clinic for a few days, navigating his way under a few dogs with no visible stress, before he came to me. He is the sort of cat who would rub his face on every visitor. Doctor loves attention and wants to be friends with everyone. We were practically envisioning this…

However, it was not meant to be. The first time they met, Doctor was so happy he ran towards Chubby with his big tail wagging at full power, only to be met by a hiss. If dogs and cats don’t speak the same language, do dogs know the meaning of a hiss? If he didn’t, he certainly knew the swipe of the paws across his face. Immediately he fell down to his belly and played dead as Chubby ran the other direction to his bed upstairs.

For the longest time, the cat stayed upstairs while the dog stayed downstairs. They were perfectly happy in their territories and both seemed to forget there was another non- human creature in the household.

Slowly, it emerges that my cat is a two- faced devil. He is perfectly nice to humans. He purrs readily and will answer anyone with a cute little meow. In the morning he waits for me to wake up and as soon as I look at him he starts to purr. However, when he is hungry, he will yowl for hours until he is fed. Once we hosted a friend’s cat and he stole food from the guest and ambushed the poor thing in the litter box, bullying the guest- cat to hide under the bed for days.

One day, Chubby must have been so hungry he came downstairs searching for food. He walked up to the dog’s bowl big enough for him to sleep in, and started munching on Doctor’s kibbles. In between bites, he would let out a hiss or two to make sure the dog knew his place. Doctor stood there, watching his food disappear into the cat’s mouth, when he could have easily flick the cat away with his little finger.

To retaliate, Doctor would wait till Chubby is sleeping and eat his cat food, though more often than not, the cat bowl is usually empty and he has to settle for rooting through the litter box. For the longest time I thought Chubby had become constipated again, until one day Doctor happily breathed into our faces.

From time to time, we let them sleep on the bed, but never at the same time. The bed is too high for the old cat. The dog can be easily deterred by a door. Then one day, with a lapse of judgement, Doctor jumped onto the bed only to find Chubby already there, occupying the precious real estate next to the human pillows. You could practically hear him say, “Uh-oh.” The cat looked at him with disdain but was too lazy to do anything about it. Chubby had, by this time, figured out the dog was putty in his presence. Doctor, however, decided that he wasn’t gonna back down and proceeded to make himself comfortable. He would not face the cat however, and would only sleep with his butt towards the cat.

Then one day, their butts touched…we suspect this was because Doctor’s thick fur prevented them from feeling each other…

Week by week, Doctor inches closer to the head of the bed. Sometimes he does this when the cat is sleeping. Sometimes he does it on our orders. “What are you going to do about it? The humans want me here.” He’d move closer, pretending that the cat was not staring at him with daggers in his eyes.

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Until one day…

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The cat throws the occasional hiss. I imagine the movement from the 90lb dog is like earthquake to him. He does the occasional swipes but never fully make contact with the dog. Sometimes, to test their boundaries, we discretely placed their body part on top of the other, like so…

Funny that in 3 years it never occurred to us to give them treats as an encouragement. Then a friend suggested to give them treats in each other’s presence, and eventually we got to this…

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Theirs is a bromance (tolerance?) that slowly grow through repetition and probably united in mutual annoyance at their humans… And that is just fine by me lol…



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