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Innisfree Cushion Foundation Ampoule Cover- Review

With the popularity of Korean TV dramas sweeping through Asia, the beautiful actresses and their flawless skin became a big selling points for many Korean beauty products. I’ve resisted the hype for as long as I could but became curious when a new product called Cushion foundation came on the market.

Cushion foundation is liquid foundation in a compact form. Inside the cushion compact, you will find a sponge soaked with foundation, and you use another applicator sponge to press on it to pick up a small amount of foundation. I think this helps to pick up just a little bit of foundation at a time so the makeup does not look too cake-y and you can slowly layer it on.

It took me awhile navigating on the Innisfree’s website to figure out how to order. It turns out that you have to order the case (which does not include the cushion foundation), the filling (the cushion foundation) and the applicator sponge separately. I think this is kind of fun for someone who likes to have a case that they can keep refilling, a nod to being environmentally friendly. I ordered the Ampoule Cover cushion, and when I was checking out, I was told that I got one free cushion refill, so I chose the Waterfit to try for next time.

There are many designs to choose from, which actually makes it bad for me coz I am very indecisive ><

Next came the actual cushion foundation. I was surprised to see that it was packed in foil. I suppose this makes sense in that everything has to be sealed to ensure quality of product.

Innisfree Cushion foundation come sealed in foiled pack. It’s nice to see that they actually have English at the back : P
Innisfree Cushion Foundation Refill
The Big Reveal


[Aside:When I was reading up about cushion foundation, I found out that the principle was based on these stamps used in Asia. Then my memory raced back to long long time ago, where every office desk is adorned with a case of red ink. The ink is infused in a cloth- like material and you use a stamp to pick up the pigment and transfer that onto papers. Almost everyone has a stamp with his/her name on it. Instead of signature, it is customary to use your name stamp for official documents and occasional your fingerprint.

There is a certain artistry involved in carving of the names and the material used for the stamp. The stamps can be made from wood, marble, jade, glass, or any number of material you want. It can be as simple as a piece of wood or as elaborate to have intricate pattern carved into it. For the very traditional parents, they would consult a fortune teller when a baby is born. Based on the birth date, time, and then decide the right material on which to carve its namesake stamp. I was also surprised that there are a small numbers of YouTube videos (such as this one) that discuss how to properly use the stamps and the ink so that the pattern of the stamps turn out beautifully.]

Nostalgia aside, how does this cushion foundation fare in my book? Well, I like that it’s lightweight and allow a bit of customization for yourself. The foundation itself is fragrance free which is always great in my book. The foundation I tried on is Ampoule Cover Cushion. I have to say, I was very surprised at the coverage. The cushion feels cool to the touch when applied on my face. I unfortunately did not get the right colour for my skin tone  (the pitfall of buying cosmetic online 😜) so I had to use it very sparingly and really dab it in. The result looks made- up but actually feel sheer to my face. That part is probably my own fault for not getting the right shade.

Amount of foundation being picked up with one dab from the cushion foundation. I find that this amount is enough to cover the entire face


Would I try this again? I think I will. I want to see what it looks like when I have the right shade.

What is your favourite cushion foundation? Do you frequently buy foundation online or always in store? What do you do to avoid buying the wrong shade? Share your experience below : )



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