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Aveda Invati System- Review

Aveda sent a letter during my birth month, enticing me with a birthday gift (if I made a purchase) as well as a generous discount. I was about to run out shampoo so I thought why not.

Invati is one of their newer range of hair care. Apparently it means invigorate in Sanskrit. According to the lady in the store, this is their line specifically for adding volume to hair as it helps prevent hair loss. This line includes 3 steps

  1. Exfoliating Shampoo
  2. Thickening Conditioner
  3. Scalp Revitalizer


The base of all 3 have similar components. They are all built upon Ayuveric herbs such as ginseng and tumeric. Their scent was that of lavender, rosemary and germanium and plenty of other flower and plant essences.

I’ve used up all the shampoo when I started this blog so I was only able to squeeze out a little bit for the picture below. I still have plenty of conditioner left.

Left: Invati Shampoo Right: Invati Conditioner

All 3 products have the very distinct herbal smell to it. The fragrance is pleasant. Once your hair is dried, it doesn’t leave a overpowering smell to your hair, which I like.

Now onto the actual usage experience:

The Shampoo: Like many of shampoo with emphasis on being more natural, this shampoo does not lather very well. You therefore have to use quite a lot of it or be content to just use it on the scalp alone, which is what I did. It does make your scalp feels refreshed, probably a result of the wintergreen salicylic acid. I do not really use a lot of hair products so I can’t really tell if it really removes built up or not.

The Conditioner: I find that my hair is very tangled after using the shampoo, so I was hoping hte conditioner could help detangle. This is not the case. This conditioner, while does feed some nourishment into the hair, does nothing to help detangle my hair, which means that I have to really use my fingers in the shower to smooth out the strand.

The Scalp Revitalizer: The bottle says to use this twice a day, with 16 sprays on the scalp each time. When one reads the ingredients, one realizes that the first ingredient is denatured alcohol. I am not sure I like the idea of spraying so uch alcohol on my scalp. What is Aveda doing? I thought the brand story is all about being as natural as possible. So instead, I only used the revitalizer in between shampoo day. It does make the scalp feel fresher, though I suspect this is the tingling effect from the alcohol. It also does make the hair feel more volumious, but it also gave my hair an unusal texture I can’t quite describe, an in-between feel of greasy and dry.


Verdict: For the amount of money this system cost, it did not feel quite revolutionary or Wow in any way. I like the way it smells, but that’s about it. 



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