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Apple Celery Juice


I am not a big juicer. Growing up, my parents told me it’s better to eat fruits and vegetables in their natural state. I am used to have a bowl of cut- up guava or papaya in the fridge and I would just nibble one piece or two whenever I open the fridge to reach for something else.
When I first looked into juicing, I realized a lot of waste is created. Nonetheless, I still went and bought an Omega NC 800 (after much research) because there are certain vegetables that I absolutely hate to eat in its natural state- celery being one of them… It doesn’t matter if I eat it raw, stir fry, soup, etc etc, I just couldn’t stomach it… I like the smell of celery, but detested the amount of chewing involved and the stringy fibres. Juicing was one way for me to get the benefits of celery. I try to use the pulp in other recipes so that I am not really creating too much waste.
I also try not to buy pre- packaged juice. If it’s something I can make at home, I won’t buy it. This rule saves me quite a lot of money : P. One thing I do absolutely insist on though, is that when it comes to juicing, I always get organic. I can just mentally picturing any left- over pesticides dissolving into the juice as I feed them through the tube. Anyways, this is pretty simple stuff. I don’t even know if it’s worth me putting up the recipe but here it goes



1 bunch of celery stalks, wash and scrub off the soil
1 apple (I’ve tried with granny smith and golden delicious, the golden delicious variety gives a sweeter taste), cut to size


I feed the celery stalks through first, mix a teaspoon of this into Chubby‘s water, then feed the apples through into the rest. Voila


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Simple Baked Salmon Recipe


Preparing to marinate salmon fillet #experimental #food #salmon #baking #cooking #kitchen #fish

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  • Salmon Fillet
  • Tangerine peel from one fruit, torn into tiny pieces
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Bay leaf x 2, crushed to release fragrance
  • Clover, a pinch
  • Tumeric root, sliced thinly
  • Soy sauce, 1 tbsp



  1. Mix all the seasonings together
  2. Put salmon fillet in the seasoning, and rub seasoning thoroughly
  3. Cover and refrigerate for 4- 6 hours
  4. Preheat Oven to 375 F
  5. Bake for 45 minutes


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Chubby was very happy to eat any left over salmon chunks (I washed all the soy sauce and garlic off of course)

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Cooking for One 1/12- Gingered Pork


It’s always fun to come up with recipe ideas for Chubby. Since I only do this occasionally as a treat for him, I don’t worry too much about nutritional balance. His regular meals consist of Rayne (canned and dry) and Tollden Farm. Today I made gingered pork for

If you don’t mind handling raw meat, it’s actually very easy to just mix whatever is available in the kitchen (As long as you check to see if there is any side effects). In
fact, I was cleaning out my juicer after I made ginger juice and thought, “Why not?”
There was some pork sirloin in the fridge, and I had some mint. All I had to do was to cube the pork and mix in the ginger pulp and chopped peppermint.

I wasn’t too sure if Chubby would take to the smell of ginger. Surprisingly, he licked the plate clean as always. Then of course he had to go lounging and clean himself up

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Cooking for One 1/12- Baked Barramundi


The first time I had barramundi was in Australia. The Chinese restaurant steamed it with ginger, soy sauce, green onion and salt. The fat from barramundi melted into soy sauce and gave it that unami taste. It tasted so good on top of jasmine rice.
Barramundi, or Asian Sea Bass, is found primarily in South- East Asia, Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia. Its flavour mild, its meat tender, making it a very versatile dish. Every region has their own take. With quite a bit of fat under the skin, it’s very forgiving
when overcooked.

I haven’t seen many places serving barramundi in North America. So imagine my delight when I was wandering in Whole Food and saw barramundi on sale. It was previously frozen and defrosted. I immediately thought.. Hey, maybe Chubby would like this.

I baked the fillet at 400F for about 15 minutes and cut into 5″ pieces and keep frozen. When it’s time to give him a little treat, take out and thaw. Serve with a little peppermint leaf, good for digestion : P


Chubby Chew: Human, I do not appreciate you not cutting the fish up for me
Human: You call yourself a cat? What would you do if you were in the wild and caught a fish? Oh wait, you are too lazy to hunt for fish.
Chubby Chew: This is highly annoying. This fish is too heavy for me to pick up.
Human: Arh you get the carpet all dirty. Use the plate!
Chubby Chew: I have very little jaw strength. Cut it up for me!
Human: Fine fine…

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Cooking for One 1/12- BB Omelette

Bacon Beansprout Omelette © 3mammals

Sometimes, you just feel like to indulge the cat.

Bacon Beansprout Omelette

Serving: 6

Prep: 30 minutes



1 strip low salt bacon, broken into pieces

1 bunch mixed bean sprouts, cut into 1cm pieces (sprouted these myself)
1 tbsp grated carrots
1 tbsp quinoa
2 large eggs

Get Cooking Human!

  1. Heat bacon pieces in small skillet on medium heat until transparent and oil started to seep out
  2. Beat eggs, mix in the rest of the ingredients
  3. Pour into the skillet with the bacon
  4. Once the egg mixture starts to set, flip over to the other side until cooked through
  5. Cut into 6 pieces, serve one piece per cat