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The Bromance of Chubby and Doctor

I adopted Chubby first. At 16 years old with established habits, he was a surprisingly easy cat to care for. He submitted to the twice daily insulin injections and skin pricks for blood glucose reading. I quickly found out that he was very trusting and would allow us to do almost anything to him, such as holding him up high and pretending to drop him. Daily, he lets me rub his belly. Not many cats will tolerate this type of indignity.

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2 months after he came home, we decided to add a dog to the family. Doctor is a very mellow dog. At the animal shelter, he walked up to us and immediately flopped down to show his belly. He uses this strategy whenever he does something wrong or to get out of training.

Since both pets are so mellow, we thought there would be no problem of them getting along. Chubby stayed in the vet clinic for a few days, navigating his way under a few dogs with no visible stress, before he came to me. He is the sort of cat who would rub his face on every visitor. Doctor loves attention and wants to be friends with everyone. We were practically envisioning this…

However, it was not meant to be. The first time they met, Doctor was so happy he ran towards Chubby with his big tail wagging at full power, only to be met by a hiss. If dogs and cats don’t speak the same language, do dogs know the meaning of a hiss? If he didn’t, he certainly knew the swipe of the paws across his face. Immediately he fell down to his belly and played dead as Chubby ran the other direction to his bed upstairs.

For the longest time, the cat stayed upstairs while the dog stayed downstairs. They were perfectly happy in their territories and both seemed to forget there was another non- human creature in the household.

Slowly, it emerges that my cat is a two- faced devil. He is perfectly nice to humans. He purrs readily and will answer anyone with a cute little meow. In the morning he waits for me to wake up and as soon as I look at him he starts to purr. However, when he is hungry, he will yowl for hours until he is fed. Once we hosted a friend’s cat and he stole food from the guest and ambushed the poor thing in the litter box, bullying the guest- cat to hide under the bed for days.

One day, Chubby must have been so hungry he came downstairs searching for food. He walked up to the dog’s bowl big enough for him to sleep in, and started munching on Doctor’s kibbles. In between bites, he would let out a hiss or two to make sure the dog knew his place. Doctor stood there, watching his food disappear into the cat’s mouth, when he could have easily flick the cat away with his little finger.

To retaliate, Doctor would wait till Chubby is sleeping and eat his cat food, though more often than not, the cat bowl is usually empty and he has to settle for rooting through the litter box. For the longest time I thought Chubby had become constipated again, until one day Doctor happily breathed into our faces.

From time to time, we let them sleep on the bed, but never at the same time. The bed is too high for the old cat. The dog can be easily deterred by a door. Then one day, with a lapse of judgement, Doctor jumped onto the bed only to find Chubby already there, occupying the precious real estate next to the human pillows. You could practically hear him say, “Uh-oh.” The cat looked at him with disdain but was too lazy to do anything about it. Chubby had, by this time, figured out the dog was putty in his presence. Doctor, however, decided that he wasn’t gonna back down and proceeded to make himself comfortable. He would not face the cat however, and would only sleep with his butt towards the cat.

Then one day, their butts touched…we suspect this was because Doctor’s thick fur prevented them from feeling each other…

Week by week, Doctor inches closer to the head of the bed. Sometimes he does this when the cat is sleeping. Sometimes he does it on our orders. “What are you going to do about it? The humans want me here.” He’d move closer, pretending that the cat was not staring at him with daggers in his eyes.

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Until one day…

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The cat throws the occasional hiss. I imagine the movement from the 90lb dog is like earthquake to him. He does the occasional swipes but never fully make contact with the dog. Sometimes, to test their boundaries, we discretely placed their body part on top of the other, like so…

Funny that in 3 years it never occurred to us to give them treats as an encouragement. Then a friend suggested to give them treats in each other’s presence, and eventually we got to this…

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Theirs is a bromance (tolerance?) that slowly grow through repetition and probably united in mutual annoyance at their humans… And that is just fine by me lol…

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Parking with Doctor- Willowdal Park

I have this unofficial goal in my head- I would like to take Doctor to visit a different park each time we go out and document it. Something to break out of the monotony of regular sidewalks.

In my head, this is something best done in summer time, when my fingers are not hiding inside the gloves so I can take pictures or videos of his beautiful self.

Through various twist and turn of fate, we had our first park visit at Willowdale Park recently. Granted, the winter was shaping up to be a warm one so when we made our doggie play date with the petite blond Labrador we had no idea it was gonna get so cold on that day.

The weather forecast said light snow and the 7°C warm spell we have had was plunging to below zero. Who am I to complain, living so far north of the equator with a polar bear?

I contemplated canceling, but it was to be their first date. I wanted Doctor to leave a good impression. Setting the alarm for 8am, I grudgingly got us ready and strapped him down with the harness and seat belt.

The streets were deserted on the Sunday morning. It was very easy to park across the street. No restriction  on weekends.

The park itself is small. It’s not a leash free park and there is no fence around the area. It’s a tiny piece of greenery with a gazebo and a frozen stream. Walking around the park, we noticed many mounds that were not picked up. This was an unfortunate finding.  They were a few humans around but they seemed to tolerate the canine presence.

Blondie brought another girlfriend, a younger, shorter, energetic brunette who circled all of us until the leashes were tangled. Seeing as there were not many ppl around, we decided to let the beasts loose for a little while.

Doctor, being the typical man (despite balls missing in action), went for the younger girl and leaving Blondie behind. The white and brown fur streaked across the park, soft grunt here and there, jumping over each other with joy. Luckily Blondie prefers the company of human. She looked at Doctor as if he was an unruly boy and turned to us, as if to say, “You try to set me up with him? I need a real man.”

Between chattering teeth, my human equivalent told me she was also contemplating on changing the plans. “Maybe we should have left the dogs at home and went for coffee ourselves.” I wholeheartedly agreed. Watching the dogs happily frolicking while we kept running in place to keep warm had reached its motherly limit. We called the 2 back and made plans to have a human- only activity next time. The doggies can come next time when the weather is warmer, but I am not sure we’d pick this park again.

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A Year of Blogging # 1-Message in a Bottle

Jordan from Collective Voice (formally State of Liberation, I will put the link up as soon as I can… the site is being re- launched so be patient lol) was always coming up with prompt ideas for us writers. I’ve always intended to follow suit. I am a few weeks behind but it is still great exercise to get some ideas for blogging/writing. The first prompt of the year is


While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

What would you want to put in the bottle and who do you want to read it?

In his post, Jordan wrote to his younger self. I sat here and thought who I’d write to. Do I have some words I need to tell someone? Message in a bottle is almost like a message to the universe. If I write it down, was I ready to send it out? There were a few relationships where I felt the stories could have been more complete if I had been able to find the words. However, if I opened that dialogue, the story would never end because they’d have to respond, and I don’t necessary want the stories to continue. So I think I’d just leave them as messy cliff- hangers. Not everything has to be tidy does it?

So who would I write to? Would I write to my younger self? It seems like a good idea, but somehow I felt that my younger self should figure things out on her own. She had to stumble to get to where I am. My younger self already existed, I had already seen her stories and she is already part of me. So I thought perhaps I’d write to the future me… Here it goes…


The Message

Hey. How are you? Have you achieved everything we’ve set out to do? I want to let you know that I am doing as much as I can to become you.

What are you like? Are you as wise as I’d want you to be? Have you continue to build our dreams? Does this blog still exist or are you still a big procrastinator?

The year is 2017. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world. On one hand we are seeing so many innovative ideas coming forth that’s supposed to make the human lives easier. There’s talk of building a solar city, the sharing and gig economy gives people more options for traveling and picking up extra cash. Driver-less cars promise to make us more productive. Or could it be another invention to chain us to our work like cellphones and emails do?

The pendulum is swinging wildly. On the other hand, there are people who are set on centralized power as more people demand basic choices of freedom. The internet has educated and misled the mass. Virtual reality seems to be inevitable.

I hope you keep on dancing, no matter how stiff our body become. Do we age well? Or has science invented something to freeze time? What about our SO? Did we pick a winner?

Are you still working at the same job? Or have we finally quit the rat race to travel the world? I would hope so but then it’d mean that the dog and cat are no longer in the picture. Please invent something to make them immortal too, because I cannot imagine life without those annoying furry beasts. Or perhaps quarantine law would have changed so much that it’d be very easy to travel oversea with the 90lb polar bear and 10 lb tiger-wanna-be.

Have you learn to forgive yourself for all your mistakes? Are you still grateful for everything you have? Do you miss me and my naivety? Are we stronger and kinder? Or has life made us cynical and lose our empathy?

And why do I feel like crying when I am writing this letter? Why do I get goosebumps as I am reaching across the time barrier to reach you? Is it because ultimately you are the only person who truly understands me, as we are one separated by time, never to meet, but only an echo to each other?

I am like the pesky little kid with 101 questions. Will you be able to answer all of them? Do I necessarily need to know all the answers? Are you going to just nod your head and act all sage and say, “In time, you will see…”?

Just at least tell me we’ve somehow managed to play an alien on Star Trek or X-Men.


Yours… from the past



What would your message in a bottle say? If you own a blog, post your response and link me back. If not, feel free to share in the comments below, or you could email me to have it posted.





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Reblog- Acupuncture Experience

To tell you the truth, I haven’t had much experience with acupuncture myself. While this is something that is commonly practiced in Asia and I hear relatives and friends talking about different food properties following the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, I always had some reservation. I tried acupuncture once when there was a Groupon offering, […]

via Acupuncture- Does it Work? — Poke Your Pet

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How not to make Orange Marmalade- Epic Fail- But Don’t Stop to Play with Your Food!

Does anyone remember when Bridget Jones fed Mark Darcy orange marmalade by accident? She meant to make some sort of fancy dessert, left the concoction in the oven  too long and it turned into marmalade. If Bridget Jones could make marmalade by accident, surely it is not that hard right?

I decided to try this 19th century recipe from Park Canada’s website, which apparently was famously known as the King Family’s Marmalade (One of Canada’s prime ministers) and ended up with an epic fail on my hand 😆

Here is the recipe

Orange Marmalade


7 Seville oranges
2 lemons
8 lbs | 3.7 kg loaf sugar
8 pints | 4 litres cold water

Cut the fruit into thin strips, removing only the pips. Put the fruit into a large mug or basin, cover with water and leave it until next day. Boil until the fruit is soft enough for the head of a pin to go through easily; add the sugar and boil until jellied – about one hour.

Recipe tested by Chef David Fairbanks, Algonquin College of Hospitality and Tourism

I decided that I do not want to make that much marmalade, so I halved everything. I chose to use 4 oranges, 1 lemon and 4lb of sugar and 2 L of water.


The instructions were simple enough. After a day of soaking, I placed the pot on the stove top and crank it to heat high, since I wanted it to boil. About 20 minutes in, the oranges slices and water started boiling, so I added the sugar and set timer to one hour, then went about doing other business (playing with Chubby, study, etc)

About 15 minutes in, I heard the loud bubbling sound and smell of burnt sugar. Racing back to the kitchen, this was what I found.

marmalade- spillage

O-kay…a bit of spillage with liquid boiled over, despite only 1/2 full in the pot. No worries, nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix. I turned the heat down, enough so that the liquid was still bubbling and went back to waiting for the timer to ring.

Here is the thing- the recipe says boil but it did not say high heat, medium or simmer… Therefore I had to guess (Part of the fun lol). I also wasn’t sure if I was supposed to stir, but common sense dictates that it should be stirred.

At the 1 hour mark, I went back to check. I guess I was hoping for some obvious jelly- like consistency but it was not so. The whole thing looked unchanged, like a lot of orange slices stewing in boiling water. The liquid was getting thicker. I figured that perhaps I had to keep heating it until more water evaporate to give me a more gooey- syrupy substance. I decided to leave it for another 30 minutes.


I Created a Monster…

Before the 30 minutes was up, I smelt burnt caramel.


I got my wish, the liquid was now thick, but it was not jelly- like. It had turned into super hot caramel with dark, burnt pieces of sugar- coated orange slices in it.

I went to dump everything out but felt like I wanted to salvage something. So I strained the concoction.


I ended up with piping hot caramel. It smelled burnt but tasted nice. Initially I wanted to leave the rest of the caramel out to cool, but I was worried about ants, since I was meeting up with a friend and won’t be home till the morning. I put the whole thing in the fridge… Most of you can probably guess what happened… When I came back the next day, the whole thing cooled down to one big block of solid caramel that was firmly stuck to the bottom of the pot and I couldn’t make a dent…

Shaking my head at the absurdity, I decided to dump the rest out. Call it a failed experiment. I soaked the pot in hot water and the caramel started to lift off the bottom. Placing my hand in the mess, I was surprised to find the tar- like substance was soft and slippery, almost a bit like jelly…


I had a lot of fun playing with this smooth sugary tar before I dumped it out.

In retrospect, I think when the recipe says “…until jelly like”, perhaps it was talking about the orange slices being jelly like, not the whole pot…

After wasting so much time and money trying this recipe, I probably will not attempt this anytime soon. It was fun though despite all the crazy stuff I did wrong. Cooking is always a bit like a chemistry experiment. You have a bit of surprise here and there and sometimes mistakes can be new discoveries, and sometimes mistakes are just mistakes lol…

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Sushi made Easy

I pride myself in saving grocery money. My rule of thumb is that if it’s something I can make at home, I will not buy it. At the restaurants, I will only order things that I cannot make. Sushi being one of them.

I love sushi. I wish I know how to make them at home. The last few times when there was any attempt, the seaweed was soggy, the rice gets squished out and while it still taste wonderful, Japanese cuisine is all about the visual art.

That is, until I saw this… Maybe, just maybe, there is a glimmer of hope for me…

The cannon-shaped kitchen device is the perfect item for making a ton of perfectly round rolls in record time. Hosting a party? Just really hungry? The easy-to-use cannon has you covered. Unlike traditional rolling mats, the bazooka offers a fool-proof design that makes the process easy, even for beginners.

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Erasing Scars- Scientific Breakthrough

A team of scientists from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania however, believe they have found a way to do the previously impossible – allow skin to regenerate using fat cells.

via The End of Scars: Scientists Discovered How to Regenerate Human Skin

Imagine the possibility- Harvesting some fat (from your love handles, your cellulite) and use it to regenerate and heal defect on your skin.

My vanity saw this article and pray for the day when this technology can be used like a liquid band- aid on acne scars or cat scratch (not from my Chubby of course!)

Vanity aside, this is something that has tremendous application. Aside from regenerating skin for cosmetic reasons, I am pretty sure the researchers’ ultimate goals would be to use it to treat more serious injuries such as burnt victims and grafting for non- healing wound.

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Turns out I was a trendsetter all those years ago…

The first and only time I wore mismatched shoes, I was 13 years old. If I had known that this was gonna become a trend, I would have worn my mistake proudly instead of dying of embarrassment 😝

For one, no matter how groggy you are in the morning, you will never, ever leave the house in one sneaker and one loafer—I can almost guarantee it. You will notice the height difference right away and make a U-turn. For another, mismatched shoes are an entirely respectable trend that have been a long time coming.

via Mismatched Shoes Trend – How to Wear Two Different Color Shoes


It was 6am in the morning. I was tired as always from chronic lack of sleep due to late night of studying. This was back in Asia where students were expected to be study robots and not get any sleep. I had to catch a 615am bus for an hour long trip to my school. In my haste, I did not bother to turn on the light. I slipped on my sneakers and off I went.

I went about my day as usual, dozing off during classes in preparation for play time during recess. Then a friend came up to me and asked, “I am just wondering, are you wearing 2 different shoes?”

I looked down at my feet and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no mistake. I was wearing 2 different shoes. What was worse, I had the right shoe on my right foot, but the right shoe from a second pair on my left foot.

Okay let me backtrack a bit… Students were required to wear uniforms back home. Part of the uniform was that we were supposed to wear white sneakers. To make each pair last longer, my mother had thoughtfully bought 2 pairs. They were just simple, plain sneaker with different shades of white. In the darkness, I couldn’t tell them apart.

And how did I not notice that I was wearing a right shoe on my left foot? Yeah well that was the embarrassing part. I suppose that being so tired all the time dulled my sensation. I also happen to have pretty narrow feet, which means that sneakers that were wider at the front don’t hug my feet that much.

Anyways, after my friend pointed this out too me. I quickly snuck back into the classroom. For the remainder of the day, I stayed glued to my seat and ran out of there as soon as the last bell rang. I was glad that only one person noticed this blunder…

My mom was waiting for me when I got home. She was standing in front of the shoe case with the displaced partners of the shoe couples I broke up. She couldn’t hide her laugh. “I just wanted to see it for my own eyes.” She said.

This episode becomes a recurring family joke.

As I grew older and more thick- skinned, my mind becomes less bridled about conventional fashion sense. One of my favourite is a pair of slip-on that I have worn for 10 years. The pattern on the right and left are totally different but they fit together. Of course this is designed on purpose, not like my youthful mistake.

From time to time, when my socks go missing in the laundry, I’d worn 2 different  socks under the thick woolen uggs. No one could see and my feet were kept warm. I’d also experimented wearing different coloured leg- warmers to my dance classes.

One thing my dance instructor tell us repeatedly is that don’t worry about your mistakes. If you fall, make it seem like you did it on purpose. Make the stage your own. If you forget the choreography, make up your own. Dance is supposed to be fun, joyful. Wear your mistakes proudly and it might even become your signature move.

So there! I was a trendsetter, I was just too much ahead my time 🤣

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This is what it really looks like when you get laser hair removal

This video gets way up close and personal into the actual hair removal process. The video also explains the process in a way that makes sense to and explains the process in simple English, so don’t worry if you’re not up on your laser knowledge.

via This is what it really looks like when you get laser hair removal

I can’t believe that someone actually filmed this…

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Dog Eats Family’s Entire Christmas Turkey, Can’t Move Afterwards | Bored Panda

Bubba was so bloated, it made the Chi Apso (a mix between Chihuahua and Lhasa Apso) unable to move.

The dog only left a tiny piece of the turkey, but it wasn’t nearly enough to feed the Barretts.

via Dog Eats Family’s Entire Christmas Turkey, Can’t Move Afterwards | Bored Panda

This dog got the best Christmas present ever…

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Cat Flats: Designing human apartments for feline friends –

Far from unusual, this is just one of many so-called “cat flats” springing up across Asia.
In such properties, cat flaps are passé. Tiny arched doorways connecting rooms, shelves that serve as climbing frames and scratching surfaces doubling as decorative features are the norm.

via Cat Flats: Designing human apartments for feline friends –

I hope Chubby doesn’t see this and demands it…