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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder- Review

When I bought the cushion foundation from Innisfree, I thought I might as well try their mineral powder.

The powder come in a light, pastel green case. It is light weight and I can see the appeal if you want to carry it with you. Its website indicates that it has minty fragrance but you really have to put it up close to your nose to smell that.

The powder itself look snow-white. However, it just kind of disappear once you start to really dab it into your skin. I would try to pick up just a little bit at a time though, as I find that too much of this powder can settle into the fine lines if you are not careful.


As to its claim of no sebum, it really does help control oil in hot weather. I like that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup. The only gripe I have with this product is it’s applicator sponge. The applicator sponge has to fit the size of the case, which unfortunately means that you can only insert 2 fingers under the little belt the back. I find this difficult to control and the applicator keeps falling off of my finger. I think what I would do in future, is to just pinch and fold the sponge between my fingers instead of employing the belt.

Very small powder puff
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Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural Mascara- Review

After the disaster with Maybelline’s Great Lash, I thought it was time to do further research. I decided to try the Japanese brand Shu Uemura, as recommended by many Vloggers. I figured that an Asian cosmetic company would know the woes we face- short and straight lashes, smaller eyes where lashes constantly touches the lower lids and oilier skin (one of the pros for our delay of wrinkles lol), thus creating the smudge.

This mascara is so understated. It applies very light and the lashes remain soft and natural. It doesn’t really lengthen but it darkens enough to have a visual impact. The curls stays but not as dramatic as Maybelline’s Great Lash. Unfortunately, after 4 hours, I could start to see sign of smudging under one eye. It’s very subtle and I suppose for some people they can use it to play into that sexy smokey eye effect but that’s not for me. I really wish this would be the one but I returned it to Sephora 2 days later.


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Burt’s Bee Lipsticks- Review

As the weather warms up, I am feeling a bit bored with the nude. I feel like changing to something more vibrant. I always linger at the Burt’s Bee’s lip product display at Shopper’s Drug Mart and now I get to find out.

I love the packaging. It’s very cute with the little honey combs on the lid. There are many colours on offer and I chose #513 Doused Rose. Despite its use of natural fragrance oils, I find this lipstick smells like some sort of fruity bubble gum. Olfactory- wise, this is not my favourite.

Now on to the colour. The colour is pretty sheer and requires a few passes to get close to the colour in the tube. It is creamy and moisturizing and therefore does come off a bit after eating and drinking. Your lips do retain some colour. In fact, I think it looks more natural after some colour had come off. I don’t mind it not being long lasting as long as it doesn’t dry out my lips. I wore this lipstick alone without a lip balm base and my lips stayed very comfortable and moist.

Colour of lipstick after 3 swipes

While I like this lipstick in general, I cannot get past the smell. I will probably keep searching for another formula. So close!

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Weleda Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion- Review

Continuing with my current love with Weleda, I bought their Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion (For Normal and Combination Skin) once I finished the Andalou Beta Hydroxy Recovery Cream.

This is the first time I’ve come across the use of Iris in skin care product so I am curious. Turns out that there are many subgenus of Iris and Weleda has chosen Iris Germanica Root Extract. According to Wikipedia, the roots extract are used as perfume and aromatherapy. It contains vitamin C and other organic acids that are being researched for their uses in skin infection and other irritation.

Other ingredients include jojoba oil and witch hazel, which is great as it act as an astringent and great for acne prone skin.

Like all of its lotion/cream based product, this came in a tube. It is lightly scented. weleda-iris-hydrating-facial-lotion

Impression: I’ve only used this for about 3 days and I am loving it. The lotion absorbs readily. My skin feels smooth, hydrated but never greasy, probably due to the witch hazel’s oil control property. It might not moisturizing enough for very dry skin but I feel that for my undecisive skin it’s pretty good. This is something I’d definitely come back to.


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Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream- Review

Usually I prefer gel- consistency around my eyes, but I really liked Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Milk that I thought I’d try some of its other products.

This comes in a small toothpaste- like tube. I really like the packaging of the nice pastel rosy colour. It’s a very nice and soothing colour. This is a cream that’s suppose to help with the first sign of lines, so I figure it would not be too heavy.


This cream boasts rosehip oil, eyebright (Euphrasia, which is an herb with anti- inflammatory properties) and sweet almond, it is fragrance free (I can’t smell anything). I looked up Euphrasia, apparently it has been used quite a bit in homeopathic eye drops to treat eye infection but WebMD cautions that it may cause infection if applied directly to the eye. So far I have not experienced any problem and found the cream very soothing. I think perhaps if people used the wrong preparation and smear it into the eye it could potentially cause a problem.

Despite being a cream, it is actually very light and absorb readily. There is no residues and the skin does indeed feel smooth after application. As to whether or not it could really softens the first lines I am not sure since I’ve already got 2nd line and 3rd lines happening before I started this. I think when using skin care products I never look for a miracle but more for something that will enhance and keep my skin healthy and happy. That’s more important. : P

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Review- Lancome Tonique Doucheur Softening Hydrating Toner Alcohol- Free

Lancome Tonique Douceur Toner

This product is a classic to me. Not because I favourite it above other toners, but because of pure nostalgia. You see, it was the first toner I ever used.

My mother doesn’t shop her skin care in drug stores. Perhaps it’s too overwhelming for her with the sheer volumes of products and having to read the tiny prints of English on the jars and bottles herself. Or perhaps she just likes to go for the big brands. She’s always shopped at The Bay, with dedicated salesperson for each brand behind the counters.

As I went through the awkward teenage phase and required more skin care than just water, she bought me the blue-bottled facial cleanser, toner and lotion. I don’t know if it was based on recommendation for a teenage skin from the salesperson, or if it was the cheapest one or they came with promotional gift set (My mom is all about value/dollar!). She bought herself the pink/white bottled Christian Dior.

We have since moved away from having a whole range of skin care from the same company, but she almost always have a bottle of this blue liquid on her counter.

The toner is light with Lancome’s signature rose bouquet. It definitely makes my skin softer but its hydration power is just so so. This is one of those “better than nothing” product that I reach for and it will likely show up time to time in my skin care regime just because…

What’s your first ever skin care product?


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Draw the line.. Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lasting Finish Lip Liners – Review & Swatches

Becca Beauty on Rimmel Lip Liners

Lip liners are essential to ensure not only a defined lip shape but also a long wearing lip, whether worn alone or paired with a lip product on top. Personally I’ve not yet delved into high end lip liners as I’ve been very satisfied with the results I get from high street brands, my favourite being Rimmel.

The Lasting Finish lip liners are a great product that do exactly what they are called, last. The darker colours stain the lips and I find all shades are comfortable enough to wear alone alongside being a great base for lip products of all kinds. Rimmel themselves say that the liner has been created with lanolin to provide a creamy texture and contain mica particles which help to fill in crevices in the lips alongside containing vitamin E to provide moisture to make sure lips don’t become dry throughout the day. I completely…

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Review- Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk

Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk

Must be part of aging, but I am starting to enjoy very gentle cleansing milk instead of facial cleanser that produces a lot of foam. You know the type? The ones that make you feel that all the oil on your face is stripped away and you feel oh so squeaky clean and tight?

I recently picked up this Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk from Whole Food. This brand seems to always be placed at the bottom shelves so I never really noticed it. Most of its ingredients are naturally derived so I thought I’d give it a try.

The package is very simple, nothing that screams “look at me”. The glass bottle is heavy. While I do appreciate the company using glass bottles for their products, which is probably the most non- chemical reactive container, I do worry about the risk of it breaking in the bathroom where the environmental moisture makes one prone to slippage. I think it’s one of the downside we have to be aware of when using glass bottles. I leave it out of the shower. Luckily, my counter space is right next to the shower so I can easily reach for it.

This cleansing milk is fragranced with essential oils, though its website did not indicate which kind. It has a kind of grassy, herbal smell to me. The milk glides easily on the skin. It actually feels more like I am applying a moisturizing lotion than cleaning my face but nonetheless, it rinses off easily and the witch hazel provides astringent effect for the skin.

I really like the way this product feels. It doesn’t strip the skin of essential moisture but still makes me feel there is sufficient cleansing power. I would definitely try out more of Weleda’s other products in the future.


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Review- Environ Avst Eye Gel

Environ Avst Eye Gel

I bought this on a fly during travel. The sales lady unfortunately was in a hurry and did not do much product introduction. I basically wanted something light to moisturize around the eye area and she shoved this to me.

I like the package with the tiny little nozzle so you will never accidentally squeeze out too much product. It definitely will help the product remain stable longer. The gel is fragrance free, appeared slightly yellow but goes on clear and absorbs pretty fast.

With the price tag of $57.00, I feel that this product is kind of “meh”. It’s okay, but it did not really wow me. It probably did not help that I couldn’t really find much information on this after I came home. The Environ website no longer shows their AVST range. A little more Googling reveals that the AVST line is an older range from 2008 so it’s possible that the company is trying to phase it out.



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Review- Andalou Beta Hydroxy Recovery Cream

Andalou Natural Beta Hydroxy Recovery Cream

I don’t usually buy beauty or skin care product in jars. According to Beautypedia guru Paula Begoun, jarred product has a large surface of exposure to the air, which makes a product degrade faster. At the same time, each time you dip your finger into the product, you are introducing little bit of microorganisms into the product thus hasten its degradation.

I got this cream because it came in a package with one of the serum I wanted to try. So I am doing a little review.

As mentioned already, this product comes in a jar. I do generally like Andalou Natural’s packaging. They are simplistic with pleasing opaque colours, which hopefully is designed to minimize damage from lights. I know a lot of beauty stores have bright display of their products under rows of illuminating lights. This  can actually change the chemical stability of a cream if the temperature is too high. Anyways, back to this Beta Hydroxy Cream.

The cream is a white-beige colour and the texture is very light. The colour disappears as soon as you apply it on your face and it does help the face stay matte overnight. Because it’s supposed to have salicylic acid in it so it’s supposed to be helpful for acne prone skin. It has a light, lemony smell to it which is not too overpowering.

Does it live up to its claim? It does help the skin stay matte, but as you can see from the photos, I haven’t used a whole jar so I think it’s too early to tell. Regardless, I probably would not buy again because of the jar package. I think it is a pretty good night moisturizer for someone who is prone to oily skin or acne, but I would prefer it if it was in a different package.
Update: Jan 16th 2017

I was at the end of this jar when I felt some solid material. This is what it looks like when I scoop it out.

It looks and feels like some wood material. I am trying to think if I could have possibly introduce it into the jar but cannot imagine where it’d come from. There was only a few cc left so I threw away the remaining. The conversation consistency of the cream does not appear to be affected but nonetheless…